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Marble painting for kids | BelenArt

Date: 28th June 2018

Time: 15:00 - 18:00

Location: 17 Chatsworth Avenue London SQ20 8JZ

Painting is fun, but marble painting is a blast. This action-packed way to paint is perfect for kids small or large who will love watching the marbles roll across the paper leaving colorful trails. And it’s especially perfect for sensory kids who hate to get their fingers dirty. All you need is paper, paint and a couple of marbles to get rollin’.

1. Place a piece of paper on a rimmed cookie sheet. You can also use a shirt box or any other rimmed object.

2. Dab several blobs of different colored paint onto the paper. I opt for non-toxic, water based paint for easy clean up.

3. Place a couple of marbles on the paper and tilt the tray to roll them around and create tracks in the paint. Add additional paint and repeat until you are happy with the result. Lay painting flat to dry.