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Marble Painting | BelenArt

Marble Painting

Human being is gifted with many capabilities and potential. Life is the playground for a defined period. Human is the pen to write on the blank page of life and the artist creating own art through the life.

Ebru (Marbeling water painting) is an art which is too much like the life. There is a trough for Ebru with blank surface and there are colors to shape your art. The resulting art piece is totally dependent how the colors used by the artist. How they are put together, how they are shaped, how it was designed at your thoughts at the beginning and how much you put your soul into what you paint. How careless you are about others’ view but about what you want to achieve. How many of the gifts you have been given are used and how much you reflect your learnings and experience. How you converted your mistakes to enrichment of the life and perceived them to realize the value of right doings instead of regretting for a life time.

It is all about deciding what will be your main design in art and your purpose in life and how to make it the main color and design of the paint and focus of your life.

And finally, when you reach that ecstasy of a meaningful and satisfying moment, how to make it permanent and move to other moments of joy and satisfaction


Preparation of Base Solution for Ebru:

The first must is water, clean water. And there are few organic materials used to create the right medium for paints to be suspended on water and then to be able to glue on paper. Gall /Bile, carrageenan powder, wild orchid roots, astragalus, tragacanth are the materials mainly used. Traditionally, they are natural materials. And for the result production a non acid paper is necessary.

The ingredients’ ratios are defined according to the design which will be painted. It is an experience based competency to adjust right amounts during the stirring.

The process is sensitive and probably is the most important part of the art that may affect painting and the impact which may be seen a bit late. The way to correct is to prepare a new solution for better result.

All the other details are needed to be practised and day by day with experience and practices you wıll have the ability to create your art with Ebru water painting.  Even with the first trials you will easily understand how much Ebru art is a healing and relaxing effect.

And please remember;

‘’When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.’